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About Integrated Legal Monitoring System

By combining all the essential case management functions into one seamlessly integrated system, the Integrated Legal Monitoring System (iLMS) places a wealth of information right at your fingertips. Integrated Legal Monitoring System (iLMS) refers to a subset for the practice of legal document management and covers a range of approaches and technologies used by the organization departments to leverage the knowledge and methodology for managing the lifecycle of a case or matter more effectively. The entire system is designed as a single application sharing a common database, so everything works together perfectly. iLMS includes a mail messaging system with workflow model for effective communication among government officials and with government advocates. Bulletin board service, available in iLMS, keeps on reminding time critical legal actions to government officials. iLMS eliminates much of the stress associated with the organization of office files and document management, and therefore encourages high quality office practices.



Registration of court cases

Case Registration is about registration of new and old cases updating the details of case along with Iteration details. With just one clicks of the mouse, iLMS enables users to access virtually anything related to a case matter. Information from productivity and profitability statistics, to calendars and mailing lists, are all accessible from one central module.

Updation of the current case status

Current case status updation by implementing the appropriate workflow in the office with absolute hierarchy so the case status can be updated any time. iLMS takes case management one step further by automating entire firm processes. This module performs required functions based on previously entered information and update the case status in real time.

Online updation & validation of PWC/Counter Affidavit

This stage is all about filing counter affidavit before the Hon’ble court with in the time. Facility to upload Para Wise Comment (PWC) by the respective assigned authority with proper notification and alert mechanism. The uploaded PWC can be examined by the Government Advocate and finalized for the Counter Affidavit. This module handles Counter Affidavit authorization along with the incorporated mailing facility for all these task updation.

Track & Monitor the cases

Tracking of individual case document and monitor the case status with help of various labels like pending, disposed, compiled, appeal etc. Case tracking and monitoring module bring accountability in processing of cases at all levels.

Real time modification

All the status of cases are modified on real time basis; all parties of that case can view the updated status. Also any modification of case information / status are sent to the concerned users immediately through e-mail and SMS for information.

Support / Maintenance

iLMS has the facility to post the query against a case. Here the Opposite parties of the case can exchange their information / views available with them.